My favorite quotes from my kids

*On Christmas morning : “Wait, when did Santa start shopping at Amazon?”

*I gave Emma a bath after field day to wash off all the sweat and sunscreen and she said, ” I smell like vacation!” 🙂

*I was putting the twins to bed and helping them set their alarms so I asked Ethan, “How about 7:00 – is that a good time to wake up?” He scrunched his face up and said, “7:00 seems kinda early ….. how about 10:00?”

*”When I tell a lie I pray to Jesus to forgive me and he wipes my heart clean and then it doesn’t hurt anymore” ~ Ethan

* “Money seems a lot harder to make and a lot easier to spend” ~ Emma

*Ethan loves to play Rock Band and his favorite instrament is the Bass Guitar. I asked him why he liked it so much and his reply was, “Because Bass gets the ladies”

*Went out to eat with Dwight and the kids and as we were leaving the restaurant Drew read the sign that said,”shirt and shoes required” and without missing a beat he said,”so are pants optional?”

*When I went to Ethan’s Valentines party at school he informed me that the little girl that sits next to him wants to marry him. I said “really – she said she wants to marry you ?” and he replied “Yeah, well you know …. I’m a really good colorer”

*(One the eve of Grounhogs day) : I was telling Drew that Emma said, “I sure hope we don’t see that beaver tomorrow” and Drew replied, “Beaver? Oh, she meant gopher”.

* I was asked by Emma, “so why do they call it ‘coffee’? Do they cough into the pot?”

* When I was telling Caleb that he shouldn’t look at the sun because it will hurt his eyes and Emma chimed in from the backseat, “yeah, ‘cuz you might burn your accordions”

*overheard Ethan and Emma talking to a girl at a Upwards basketball game about her “boyfriend” and when the girl said he wasn’t her boyfriend anymore Ethan asked, “Why ? Did you dunk him ?” Ahhh … first-grade dating drama

*Ethan informed me, “When I grow up I am only going to have 1 kid because 4 kids would be too much work and I don’t want to work that hard” Emma chimed in that he wouldn’t have to because, “the mommies usually end up doing all the work”

*Emma brought me a balloon and said, “Do you dare me to fill this up with water?” Hmmmmm…. in the house? I’d have to go with “No” ~ So now Emma thinks I’m “just no fun at all”

*Ethan was so proud of himself because he wiped his own bottom after pooping (usually I hear a “mom .. I’m done !” from the bathroom when he needs my assistance.) Anyways, I told him how proud I was of him and that he was such a “big boy” for doing that all by himself and he replied, “Yeah, I think I’m ready to go to college now”

*I took the warm landry from the dryer and covered the twins up with it on the couch and they loved it and Emma said “this feels like summertime”

*Dwight’s best birthday present this past year was hearing Caleb sing “Happy Birthday” to him. Even the other kids were like “Caleb was singing with us !” Praise God ! (Caleb is our 8 year old son with Autism who is non-verbal)

8 Responses to “Wisdom from the Backseat”

  1. Just discovered your blog through Fresh Pressed and am so happy to add you to my reading list!! All of these quotes are so precious. I could instantly smell the ocean and wet sand from the ‘I smell like vacation’ line;) I have several friends with Autistic children and love that your son sang to dad for his birthday!! Looking forward to more – love your blog title as well. -kim

    • Thanks Kim 🙂 We were so amazed when Caleb started singing to his Dad and even the twins were in shock and said “Caleb’s singing with us!” I told them not to stop singing because we wanted Caleb to keep singing as long as possible. It was such a wonderful blessing. Keep in touch and thanks for the encouraging comments! 🙂

  2. Glenda Buchanan Says:

    Lori, I am taking time to read your blog. What an exciting life you live! Those kids so cute and witty!
    Beverly told me you may write a book. Good!
    I am writing LIGHTEN UP -FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE. Have a chapter “Out of the Mouths…” Would you like to include a quip or two from your kds in my book? That would be great, but if not, that’s okay.
    I will be checking your blog often – to get my laughs for the day!
    I have prayed often and will continue to pray for precious Caleb and you all.

    • Hi Glenda,
      I would be thrilled to have a few quotes included in your book. You are welcome to use a few of the ones listed above or if you need others just let me know. You can get my email address from Beverly if you need to contact me. Thanks for visiting my blog and keep in touch! 🙂

  3. meghanis Says:

    I just came across your blog and love this entry! I do not have kids just yet, but I was just going through some old VHS home videos and came across a line or two from my younger sister (she was about 6). Precious! Glad you have them written down.


    • Thanks for the encouraging words and I’m glad that you enjoyed the quotes. I decided to write them down since it’s hard to remember them as time goes on. I’m glad you have home videos of your childhood to help remind you of when you and your sister were growing up … those are precious memories 🙂

  4. saramckeefer Says:

    So, HERE you are, Lori! Like I said, you need to write a book, and this is a great beginning! Your kids remind of the precocious kids that Art Linkletter always had on his show, Kids Say the Darndest Things! As a retired copy editor, if no one else wants the job, I’d love to edit your book! 🙂

    • Lori Says:

      Hi Sara,
      Glad you enjoyed reading my blog. I blogged almost everyday for the first half of last year, but then things got so busy I had trouble finding time to write. I would love to have you edit my book(s). I’ve actually been looking for an editor and was just talking to Dwight about it earlier today! I have a completed book (Playdough in the Parsonage) and another one I am working on (Caleb’s Voice). The Playdough in the Parsonage is a compilation of blog posts (light & humorous) and Caleb’s Voice is the story of our journey with Caleb and Autism and the ways we’ve seen God work in Caleb’s life. I also have a blog with some of the stories that will be in that book at
      It would be great to have someone help edit my writing 🙂

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