Stuffed Animal Idol

February 23, 2011

As many of you have noticed, reality TV shows are taking over primetime. They even have cartoon reality shows like “Total Drama Island” because … well, you know, we wouldn’t want our kids to miss out!  Personally, I am more of a sitcom kinda gal, but I have watched a few reality TV shows here and there.  I enjoyed the first few seasons of The Apprentice and I have occasionally watched The Biggest Loser (while eating pizza, cookies or some other fattening food).

One night I was putting away laundry and as I came up the stairs to the twins room I heard Emma talking about which stuffed animal was going to be “voted off” the bed. She had lined up teddy bears, stuffed cats and dogs and characters like Tigger and Winnie the Pooh on the edge of the bed. She had Mickey Mouse playing the host of the show and he was describing the challenge and then ended with, “Who will be voted off the bed and who will be the next Stuffed Animal Idol?”  I found this amusing and listened from the hallway as Emma continued to play out the drama of being a stuffed animal trying to win over the panel of judges to prevent being voted off the bed.  I almost had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing when I heard Bugs Bunny ask Tigger if he wanted to form an alliance.  Wow – she really does know her reality TV! 

One by one the stuffed animals were voted off the bed and discarded onto the floor.  First to go was the stuffed Chihuahua.  After the Chihuahua  the stuffed white and black kitten was voted off the bed.  Next went the brown teddy bear named “Teddy” that Drew has had since he was a toddler (but has now passed down to Emma because he is too old for stuffed animals).  Right behind Teddy went Winnie the Pooh but Tigger was safe because of his alliance with Bugs Bunny.  Slowly but surely the animals were all voted off the bed until the only two remaining were Bugs Bunny and a stuffed giraffe.  I guess that alliance thing didn’t work out for Tigger after all.  The host, Mickey Mouse, announced that we were just about to find out who the next Stuffed Animal Idol would be.  There was  a drumroll (provided by Ethan) and then Mickey announced that Bugs Bunny was the winner and had earned the coveted title of Stuffed Animal Idol.  Bugs came forward to accept his award as the giraffe was tossed onto the floor.  Ethan and Emma both cheered and congratulated Bugs to which he simply replied, “Eh … What’s up Doc?”