We went out to dinner last Friday night since we had been snowed in most of the week and cabin fever was in full swing.  While we were waiting for our food Ethan was telling us that he had been a little down because he got an F on his spelling test.  Apparently there were 11 children that got F’s since the week had been cut short with snow days and 2 hour delays.  We told him to not worry about it because it was just one spelling test and he would do better next week.  He seemed to brighten up when the food arrived even though he had eaten five waffles before we left the house (he must be going through a growth spurt I guess!)

Toward the end of the meal we were asking the kids what the best part of their day was. When we got to Ethan I said, “What was the best part of your day Ethan?” and then teasingly added “I’m guessing it wouldn’t be the spelling test.”  He laughed and said “No, definitely not the spelling test.”  Dwight asked him, “So, Ethan … was there a point in the spelling test when you knew that things weren’t going well?”  Ethan thought for a few moments and then Dwight asked, “Was there a certain word that made you think, ‘Oh, no … not good'”  Ethan nodded and smiled, but before he could answer Emma piped up and said, “Intelligence?”   We all burst out laughing and Emma just smiled and asked, “What? Intelligence is a word, isn’t it?”