Rhino Teeth

January 6, 2012

In case any of you are looking for a creative way to pull teeth (or a use for any rhinos that may be lurking around in your backyard) I thought I’d share Emma’s latest idea. 

How to Pull a Tooth

  1. First, Tie a string to the tooth
  2. Next, buy a rhino
  3. Then tie strong to its horn
  4. Get  someone to kick the rhino
  5. Out comes the tooth!

I laughed out loud when I found this paper in Emma’s backpack. She walked into the room and asked what was so funny.

“I was reading about your idea of using a rhinoceros to pull out a tooth. That is a very “creative” idea … where did you come up with it?”

Emma laughed and proudly said, “It’s just an idea I had. You know a rhino is a very strong animal and he could pull out a tooth with no problem at all.  I got LOTS of great ideas especially about animals because I know a lot about animals.”

I have to agree that Emma does know a lot about animals and she seems to be well on her way to her dream job of becoming a veterinarian.  A few months ago she commented on how great it was going to be to have her own holiday, “Veterinarians Day”, every year on November 11th.   (Hmmmm … I think that’s a different kind of “Vet” sweetie). 

So here’s to Emma and her future ….

And if the veterinarian thing doesn’t pan out, I guess there is always a career in dentistry (that is, if she can round-up a few rhinos to help!)