I was watching Emma’s softball game last night when I felt several large raindrops fall on my arm. I looked up and saw the dark clouds rolling in. Rain AGAIN! Ugh!!   Ethan had a game that would be starting in about fifteen minutes and I wondered if they would get to play or not. If they did it would probably be another wet and muddy game.

Dwight was on his way to the ball field to watch Ethan’s game so I called him to make sure he brought an umbrella.  We had decided that I would watch Emma’s game while Dwight stayed home with Caleb and then Dwight would come out and watch Ethan’s game and I would go home to watch Caleb.  Drew was home with Caleb and would watch him for the overlap time while Dwight and I were switching places, but we didn’t want Drew to have to be at home alone with Caleb all evening … The last time we tried that Caleb knocked over a bookcase, knocked over a dresser, locked Drew out of the house, took down all the pictures off the wall in the living room and played his own game of baseball with my Precious Moments figurines … throwing them one by one at the wall.  He was one busy boy and his destructive creativity was working overtime. If you have a child with Autism (or know Caleb) you probably can relate.

Emma’s game was tied up and then at the very end the other team scored 2 points and won.  The good thing is that Emma isn’t all wrapped up in whether they win or lose … softball is more of a social thing for her. She loves to see her friends and wear the cute uniform.  She is usually out in the outfield twirling around in circles or picking dandelions and she gets most excited about the snack after the game.

I helped Emma gather up all her softball gear and we went over to tell Ethan “good luck” on his upcoming game.  The sky was getting darker and more and more raindrops were falling as we walked quickly over to Ethan’s dugout.  After talking with Ethan for a few minutes Emma and I took cover under the awning of the concession stand because the rain had started really coming down.  

After a few minutes Emma asked, “When are we going to leave?”  I looked out at the rain and said, “Well, we can either wait out the storm here where it is dry or we can ‘make a run for it’ now and run as fast as we can through the rain to the car.”  Emma smiled and said, “I think we should ‘make a run for it’!”  All the other parents huddling under the awning with us started laughing.  “I don’t think that is the option your Mom would have chosen.” one of the other moms pointed out to Emma.  I was just wishing I had my umbrella with me, but it was in the car (of course!).

So Emma and I took off running through the rain towards the car.  Emma seemed surprised at how wet we were getting. “Run faster Mom! We are getting soaked! Watch out for the mud puddles!”  Luckily I remembered where we parked and we made it safely to the car without stepping in any mud puddles.  Once we were both inside the car we started laughing at how soaking wet we were.  Emma looked at me and said, “That was FUN Mommy! We will have to do that again sometime!”