California Dreaming

January 4, 2011

  It’s been almost 2 years since our trip to California.  My Mom and Dad along with my brother and sister and I and our spouses and children (17 of us in all) took an trip to visit my Grandparents in Bakersfield, CA where I grew up. It was my Grandfathers 90th birthday and we all wanted to be there to help  him celebrate.  Also, our children had never been to California or to the beach and we knew it would be a great experience for them.

It was February when we visited so it was a little cooler than we expected, but still very warm compared to the weather back home in Indiana.  The cool temperatures didn’t stop the kids from enjoying the ocean … they were so excited by the waves and the sand that they wanted to spend as much time as possible at the beach. Since the temperatures were a little chilly after we were done at the beach we would all go back to the hotel, pile in the hot tub and warm up.  Seventeen people makes for one full hot tub but it was a relaxing way to end each day.

The memories we had on this vacation were priceless. I was so glad that our entire family got to enjoy this experience together because it’s been a trip we have talked about ever since we got back.  We love looking through the photos and talking about all the fun times and memories made on our vacation to California.  Of all the photos there is one in particular that makes me smile. It’s a photo of Caleb, Ethan and Emma with their little toes in the ocean water as the tide came in.   Everytime I look at this picuture I am reminded of the joy and laughter of one of the most memorable vacations of my life.

Of course for every story there is a cute quote, right ? Well the one from this vacation was when we returned home and Emma and Ethan were just about to start a swimming unit in gym class. Emma came home from school and said that she had asked her teacher  “Will there be a hot tub at the pool we will be swimming at?”  to which her teacher answered “no”. Emma was a bit disappointed and told me that she guessed she’d still have fun but she really thought the school should think about adding a hot tub like the one at our hotel in California.