Party in the Parsonage

January 25, 2012

The past two weeks have been just party, party, party here in the parsonage. “What could be that party-worthy?” you may be thinking. Well, if you guessed a birthday you would be wrong. But if you guessed TWO birthdays you would right on the money.  The twins, Emma and Ethan (aka: Fred and Ethel), turned nine last week and we have been celebrating their birthday like it was Mardi Gras. 

Party # 1 was with my side of the family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc) and with 9 grandchildren on that side of the family it was one rowdy party!  We had ice cream cake to top off a delicious taco dinner – a birthday fiesta!

Then a few days later we had party # 2 which was a high energy bouncing party at an inflatable wonderland called Monkey Joe’s with cousins from the other side of the family.

Later that same evening we had Party # 3 with my husband’s parents where there was lots of yummy food and, of course, cake (what’s a party without cake?)

After that party was over and we got the kids home and tucked in bed I found myself up at 2:00 am making brownies and scotcharoos for the class party(s) the following day (Party # 4 & # 5 since the twins are in separate classrooms).

Party #6 was on their actual birthday and was a small intimate gathering of just our family and we ate dinner, sang “Happy Birthday”, opened presents and …. Hmmmm …. What else? Oh, yeah … ate cake!

Then this past weekend we had Party # 7 at the parsonage and it was an exciting hour-and-a-half of high energy boys screaming and cheering in one room and giggling, giddy girls laughing and squealing in the other.  Ethan and all his friends played football in our living room (with a Nerf football, thank goodness) while Emma and her friends painted nails (toes and fingers) and made cards with stamps and colored markers in the family room (my coffee table …. my poor, poor, coffee table).  They did all congregate in the same room for the important stuff like when the pizza was served, when it was time for cake and when they were opening presents. But other than that the girls pretty much stayed in one room and the boys in the other.

After Party # 7 was over and the kids had all gone home (well, except the four that live here – we let them stay) I walked through the house trying to decide where to start cleaning up the party aftermath.

Ethan was eating his third piece of birthday cake for the evening and asked, “So, is that all the parties we are gonna have?”

“Yep, that’s about it. Mommy is about partied out and needs a siesta before we have any more fiestas!”

“Oh, I get it.” Ethan said with a smile. “Siesta and Fiesta rhyme.  I know what a fiesta is, but what is a siesta?”

“It’s a nap” I said sighing as I wiped chocolate frosting out of the carpet.

“Why would you need a nap?” he asked innocently. “Parties don’t make me tired at all. They just make me very hyper and happy!”

While eating dinner one night we started talking about dreams.

Emma started telling us about her dream (or maybe more accurately “nightmare”) that she had the night before. 

This dream involves food (as most of Emma’s dreams do) and I’m pretty sure is the result of too much sugar before bed ….

So this is how the dream went (as told to me by Emma). 


(Images below were created by Emma with a little help from Mom)

There was this giant river of lava filled with cookies.

They were GIANT metal cookies. 

Well, the cookies weren’t metal, but there was metal on the bottom of the cookies to keep the lava from making the cookies soggy. 

I was jumping from cookie to cookie like this (she showed me how she was jumping or hopping from one cookie to the next).

One of the cookies was really far apart so I had to jump like I was doing the long jump (again she gave me a visual interpretation of the jump). 

I had to be careful not to fall in the hot lava!

I was going faster and faster because I was being chased by an evil donut! 

You know, donuts are my worst enemy! 

He was a mean donut and he was chasing me as I jumped across the lava on the cookies. 

I was so scared … he was getting closer and closer.

But then, my hero showed up!

Grandpa came and he scooped me up and saved me from the evil donut and took me back to his house.

We ate cookies together. 

I was so glad to be safe that I ate all the cookies that Grandpa had and drank all his milk too!

He didn’t care though, he was just happy I was safe and snuggled up on his lap.

Grandparents Rock!

March 5, 2011

Yesterday was Grandparents Day at school and Emma and Ethan both put on special programs in their classrooms for their Grandparents to come and watch.  Each class sang songs, put on plays and even did power point presentations with information they had learned from interviewing their Grandparents. 

Emma made a book of poems about her Grandparents. 

This one was my favorite :

My Grandparents are nice.
And some of them like rice.
My grandparents are excited,
and would be delighted.
My Grandpa’s cat
lays on a mat
                ~ By Emma

Ethan had the lead role in the play put on by his class … He was the Gingerbread Man and he ran away from all the others who were trying to eat him up and said

“Run, run, run as fast as you can …. You can’t catch me, I’m the Gingerbread Man.” 

His Grandma tried to take some pictures of him in his starring role, but he was too fast (as a Gingerbread Man should be!) 

I think that it is great that the school dedicates a special day for the Grandparents to be recognized and that they invite them to come to the school so they can meet their grandchildren’s friends and teachers.  

The kids all went to spend the night with their Grandparents last night so their parents got a much needed break and even went out to eat at a restaurant “with cups that clink” (this is a term I stole from my mom … it’s a restaurant with “real” cups and dishes and no golden arches).  We were celebrating Valentine’s Day  – finally!  Hey, better late than never, right ?

Anyways, I’d just like to say that I think grandparents are pretty awesome. I really enjoyed going to my Grandparents house when I was a child and now that I am a parent I don’t  know how I would have ever made it though those early years with the kids if I hadn’t had the help of my parents and my in-laws. 

So if the Grandparents are out there reading this I’d like to say a HUGE “Thank You” and also let you know that you ROCK!