1. Life is not fair … get used to itI heard this often when I would complain, “But it’s just not fair!” (and now I tell my kids the same thing when they complain about things not being fair)
  2. Never wake a sleeping baby – My Dad would always remind me of this when my kids were little because all the parenting books talked about waking up your baby to eat every so many hours. My Dad didn’t agree with that … He always said to “enjoy the peace & quiet while you can. If a baby is hungry it will wake up” (and he was 100% correct)
  3. If you didn’t have problems you’d be dead – In other words, dead people are the only people that don’t have problems.
  4. If you wait until you have “enough” money to get married or have a baby you’ll never do either – What really is “enough” money anyways … we will always think we need more.
  5. A parent’s love is like God’s love ~ Unconditional. My Dad (and my mom) both loved my brother, my sister and I more than anything and we always knew that there was nothing that we could do that would make them love us any less.
  6. A nap always helps make the day seem better – My Dad is a BIG FAN of naps. Even just a short “cat nap” to refresh and energize help you have the energy to finish the day.
  7. “Do whatever you think is best” – my dad would always tell me this when I had a difficult decision to make. He was teaching me that he can’t always make the decisions for me and I have to learn to make decisions on my own (and learn from mistakes when I make the wrong decision)
  8. Family is the # 1 priority – Family meal times, family vacations and even “popcorn parties” at night before bed. The more time we spent together the more we wanted to spend time together. My Dad always tried to make every sporting event and school program and worked hard to put always put family before work.
  9. God’s plan for your life may not be the same as your plan – My dad and I are both strong J’s on the Myers-Briggs personality test. We are planners and love to have things planned out. However, he taught me that things don’t always work out according to our plans (this lesson really hit home when I was surprised with the news that I was having twins)
  10. A Sense of Humor is essential – My Dad was so much fun growing up and always joked around and did silly things to make us laugh. We learned to have a good sense of humor, to laugh and to enjoy life. He even taught me that I needed to learn to laugh at myself … life is too short to sweat the small stuff and be upset or embarrassed by mistakes we make. Just “let it go” , laugh at yourself and go on.

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