Bubbles and Happiness

March 11, 2011

Emma and Ethan were playing with a bottle of bubbles and taking turns blowing them at each other and popping them. They were giggling and having a great time until there was an argument over whose turn it was to blow the bubbles. Ethan was sure it was his turn while Emma knew for a fact that Ethan already had more turns than she did so it was definately her turn. 

I could hear them arguing back and forth, each trying to convince the other that it was, in fact, their turn.  Ethan grabbed the bubbles and took them to the other room to hide them. Emma chased after him shouting, “I’m gonna tell Mom on you!”  Which seemed funny because “Mom” could hear the whole thing from 2 rooms away.  As I got up to go and check out the situation I was about knocked over by the two of them running down the hall.  Emma caught up with Ethan and grabbed the bubbles out of his hand. She held them tight to her chest and said, “That’s all the happiness you get! It’s my turn now!”