That “Snot” Funny

January 24, 2011

Having three boys I am always amazed at how easily entertained they are with their bodily functions. They have contests to see who can burp the loudest or the longest, they break into uncontrollable laughter when someone farts and they think that their poop and snot are interesting enough to share with others.  “Wow, you gotta come see how big this poop is!”  or “Look Mom! I laughed real hard and this huge booger came out of my nose! See, it’s right here in my hand!”  Really, boys?  Do you think I really want to see it?  But, boys will be boys and even when they grow up they still have this fascination. I worked up at summer camp when I was a teenager I remember the boys on staff would sit out on their porch and have burping contests . It was more of an advanced competition at this age … they would see if they could belch the alphabet.  They even knew the best combinations of food and drink to create these prize-winning sounds …. I think Mt. Dew and Cheetos were often the ammunition of choice.

In Kindergarten, when Ethan and Emma were learning German at school Ethan asked me one night, “Hey mom – do you know how to say ‘black’ in German?”  I shook my head and said “No, honey I don’t. How do you say black in German?”  Ethan got this big, silly grin on his face and answered, “She farts!” and then waited for my reaction.  “What! Did you just say ‘She farts’?” I asked. “Yep” Ethan proudly said and then burst into laughter.   He went onto tell me that he and all his friends had laughed through most of German because of this new word they learned and the joking and laughing continued on the playground and bus ride home.   I don’t know any German so I was not sure if “she farts” was the correct way to say “black” in German.   I called my Dad since he took German in school and asked him. He said the word for black was “Schwartz”, which when said with a German accent does sound surprisingly close to “she farts”.  I’m not sure how thrilled Ethan’s teacher was with this interpretation the boys were amusing themselves with.

Since we are on the subject of amusing oneself I don’t want to leave out the entertainment Caleb amused himself with last night. I heard this hysterical laughter coming from the bathroom and I went in to find Caleb laying on his back in the bathtub and watching his own little “fountain” of pee.  He would pee a little, then giggle, then pee a little more and giggle a little more.  Emma came in and asked what Caleb was laughing about and I told her and she said “Awesome!” and then went and told Ethan who replied with  “Cool!” and then proceeded to try this trick when it was his turn to take a bath. 

You never know how their creative little minds will work to come up with the most unusual (and often gross) ideas.  Ethan got a snowball maker for his birthday and he was talking about how excited he was to use it the next day when he went out to play in the snow.  He was looking at the plastic mold and then said, “Hey, Mom … what if they made something like this but it was called a ‘snotball maker’?  You could make balls of snot and throw them at people. That would be so cool!”  He thought for a moment  and then added, “Well, maybe not so fun for the person that got hit with it. I bet the person that got hit would say that ‘snot’ funny!”