Well Played

February 26, 2011

Today the Upward Basketball season came to a close.  I have really enjoyed watching Emma and Ethan play and seeing how they have improved from last year. Emma was the shortest one on her team again this year, but she still played her little heart out.   She doesn’t seem to mind when she misses a basket or if someone steals the ball away from her.  It’s more of a social thing for Emma and she is just happy to get to talk to her friends and wear the cute uniform.  I love to watch Emma as she skips and twirls down the court.  Ethan on the other hand is a different story. Ethan is VERY competitive and a bit of a perfectionist.  He doesn’t like to lose and gets upset if he misses a shot or makes a mistake.   The competitiveness helps make Ethan a good athlete because he is bound and determined to keep improving his game.  I don’t know if the difference in their playing styles is due to a boy / girl thing or if it’s just that they have different personalities.  Either way, I enjoy watching both of them play and I am looking forward to the next sport season which is Baseball.  Correction: I guess I should say Ethan is playing Baseball and Emma is playing Softball.  You’d think I’d get that straight after all the times I have been reminded by Emma, “I am NOT playing Baseball Mom! It’s called Softball for the girls”.  So I guess it’s goodbye Basketball and hello Baseball and Softball !