When I was growing up as a pastor’s daughter in California I never imagined I would become a pastor’s wife in the Midwest. It all started when my family moved right before my sophomore year of high school. I began dating my future husband, Dwight, while I was in high school and we continued dating through college. After college we got married and started making plans for a family. Since we were not very confident in our ability to become parents just yet, we started with a cute little puppy named Sam.

After a few years, Dwight and I decided to venture into the land of parenthood. We quickly learned that it is a land with very little sleep and lots of laundry. Wow! Those first few years were brutal, but somehow we survived. Fast forward 18 years and we are now the parents of four teenagers. Our oldest son, Drew, is a senior in high school and will be graduating and going off to college soon. Our middle son, Caleb, has autism and is mostly non-verbal. He has been a blessing to our family as we have learned to lean on God and follow His plan for Caleb’s life. Our youngest children are “the twins”, Emma and Ethan. They were a surprise since I didn’t find out I was having twins until about half way through the pregnancy.

Emma and Ethan turn 13 this year and so we are now officially in the land of teenagers. Goodbye playdough, diapers and dolls … Hello puberty, driver’s licenses and dating! I hope you enjoy reading about our family and the adventures in parenting four teenagers.


12 Responses to “Meet the Pastor’s Family”

  1. misswhiplash Says:

    I love your stories and what a beautiful family you have. You must be so proud of them. I have only just discovered you so I shall have many hours catching up on the back articles.
    Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy hectic day to write articles that give us so much pleasure to read

  2. apthomas Says:

    I am a paster’s wife too and my twins are now 25! Tidying out a drawer recently I came across a small pot full of ‘mixed’ milk teeth. I guess that tooth fairy forgot to take ours away! Whatever should one do with baby teeth discarded nearly 20 years ago?

  3. Sandi Ormsby Says:

    Is your name Lori? I keep looking around and I never see your name, just everyone else in your family. I think names are very important. I like to put a name/and blog together and a face, if at all possible. Makes a better connection!

    Anyway, I’m going to call you Lori, until you correct me (going off the e-mail notification)

    Emma’s poem is cute. Another blogger (part of my ahhsome community) has a daughter, Sarah, that did a little poem recently, as well. Woman wielding Words blog. You’ll see Lisa commenting on my blogs frequently. Check her out when you have a chance. She is also a director of plays…and I see your son, Ethan, was the Gingerbread man! How C O O L!

    **Wait! Power Point Presentations? I haven’t even done one of those. (in all my years of administration, I never needed to)

    Grandparents day was not observed by our school district. That’s awesome if they live close enough to attend the event!

    CUPS THAT CLINK, you say…no way! I’d probably end up breaking mine. Celebrating Valentines NOT on Valentines day is the best way to go…no long lines and increased prices on flowers and chocolates.

    Hope you enjoyed your evening! My 40th b-day is coming up and we’re heading to Vegas and my mom, actually, agreed to watch the kids for a couple of days- which is next to impossible to have her agree as she’s always busy. More busy retired than when she was working! 🙂


  4. Laura Cereta Says:

    This story feels very personal to me. I spent my entire childhood until the age of 18 when I moved out as a PK. I did not marry a Pastor, though, lol:) My Dad was in the ministry for 20 yrs but worried about not having enough for retirement, when his parents died and left him their fortune, he and my mom bought several Montessori schools in Asheville NC but he still writes for a Christian publication once a month on theology, occasionally speaks at the cove (the Billy Graham org–they are friends of the fam) and has remained ordained so he guest speaks at our their church. He and my mom own a home in Denver and he is a guest on Focus on the Family sometimes. I stay out of his career now but never like any other minister having listened to just one the majority of the time for all those years. Do you ever get asked the impossible question of who’s better: your husband or you Dad? I’ve started following you and am going to tweet this article:) Thanks for sharing. — LC

  5. Carol Brock Says:

    So does this mean that we can look forward to a sequel? I love your first book and have read it a couple of times. Of course, it didn’t hurt that the stories were about my nieces and nephews. I am proud of you, sweet girl. You have never written about the Pretty Woman dress though and THAT is my boys’ favorite story about their very beautiful cousin Lori who does deserve a chapter in her own book!

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