Our son Caleb was diagnosed with Autism at age 3.  He is now 9 years old and is still non-verbal. Living with a child with Autism can be stressful and exhausting for all members of the family.  It is also very financially draining and it can very be confusing to navigate through all the information and “miracle cures” on the Internet.  This page will be developed to provide information on therapies, supplements and other things we have tried over the years and which of these we found to be the most helpful. It will also have posts about the positive things I have discovered in raising a child with Autism. Caleb has so many wonderful gifts and talents and I can learn alot from looking at the world through his eyes.  Stay tuned as I add more to this page on Autism.

5 Responses to “Adventures in Autism”

  1. Kitty Says:

    I have worked with Autistic children, they are great fun, amusing and tend to be quite talented in certain areas. Always a delight to be with and your never quite sure what they may say or do next.
    I used to work with a 6 year old who was an autistic selective mute, a lovely young boy. Eventually we managed to get him a place at a school with like minded children where they learnt to ride horses. He became a different child and started to talk! I’m not saying this would work for you and I’m by no means an expert.
    My son has a friend whose sister (15yrs) is autistic and she just uses sounds but we understand most of what she portrays, even her love for very loud music!
    Well done for writing about this and good luck – thanks.

  2. Sarah Says:

    Hi There, I’m Sarah. my daughter was diagnosed with Broad Spectrum Autism when she was seven. She use to bark instead of talk for a long time. She has a very mild form of Autism. Her childhood was a big challenge from banging her back on the wall to get to sleep, fixations, sensory issues, social issues etc. BUT there was also lots of fun and laughter. In the end we home schooled her which helped a lot. When we moved to the USA she went into Middle School and she did really well. When we moved to Australia for my Husband to Pastor a church here she went into High School. She is now at University doing a science degree. There was a time where I thought all she would do was bark amazing how she has grown up. Autism kids are gorgeous no matter how severe or mild their Autism is. All the very best 🙂

    • Hi Sarah
      It’s so encouraging to hear stories like your daughter’s. I know that although there are many struggles and trying days that God has a plan for our son. Thank you for sharing because stories like yours help give me hope for Caleb’s future 🙂
      Sorry it took so long for me to respond but this summer has been so busy I haven’t had time to blog. Hopefully now that school has started I can get back into a better routine.

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