Dandy Dandelions

April 30, 2013

“Those are weeds!” Drew said to Emma as she came running in the house with her hands full of dandelions.

“No they’re not! They are flowers and they are for Mom!” Emma said looking a little offended.  She turned to me with a smile as she handed me the bouquet of carefully selected dandelions. “Ethan and I wanted to give you some beautiful flowers.”

Ethan piped up and said, “I like them because they are yellow and yellow is my favorite color. It’s bright and happy – like sunshine!”

“Dad said they’re weeds.” Drew said. “They are all over the grass and they are taking over the yard!”

“Well, I guess there are less dandelions now because Emma and I picked about 20 or more for Mom.” Ethan replied as he started looking through cupboards. “Do we have a vase? Mom! We need a vase for your flowers.”

I stopped putting away the groceries and helped Ethan look, “Here’s one – It’s the perfect size!” I said as I took it to the sink. “Let’s put a little water in it and then you and Emma can arrange them in the vase.”

I watched as the twins carefully arranged the dandelions in the vase. “I LOVE them!  Thank you both for thinking of me and taking the time to pick these beautiful flowers.”

“So you don’t think they are weeds?” Emma asked.



“Well, they can be weeds and people don’t like them all over their lawns, but when you pick them with love they are flowers to me!” I explained as I gave them both a hug.

Drew thought for a moment and said, “I guess one mans weed is another man, or woman’s, flower!”

We all laughed and Emma took the vase and set it on the table. “Looks like flowers to me!”


10 Responses to “Dandy Dandelions”

  1. Love it! I never thought about it that way. Moms are so wise!

  2. Glenda Buchanan Says:

    And they ARE beautiful! And the twins as well! You are so blessed!

  3. Missy Says:

    Love it! I love keeping up with your family from afar :-). Did you know dandelions are actually an herb? That’s right…a nutritious herb! We actually gather and eat ours from our yard (we’ve been in our 100-year-old house for 14 years, and have never sprayed the yard). Yes, I said eat!

    *The blooms themselves are gathered, triple-rinsed, then can be dredged in a pub batter. We make fritters out of them, and they taste a bit like morel mushrooms I also have topped pizzas with the fresh yellow blossoms, added tomatoes, fresh basil and other veggies for a great pizza. I also bake gluten-free, so this one is healthy to boot!

    *I also dry the blooms in my food dehydrator. With hot water and honey, it becomes a healthy tea (eat the blooms when you are done). I also add the dried blooms to baking for an extra nutrition boost. Last night, we had them in turkey burgers!

    *THe leaves and stems are also gathered. The stems are bitter, but can be eaten. Triple wash the leaves and stems, and saute in some extra virgin olive oil and sea salt and fresh cracked pepper. I like adding apple cider vinegar. Some like using bacon fat, onion, or even the blossoms themselves, too! A great greens dish which is a healthy spring tonic. Full of antioxidants, so it detoxes your body and purifies your blood.

    *I gather the roots after a rain, or saturate the ground with my watering can and carefully pull the roots by hand. This is harder to do, and on about 10 pulls, I’m lucky to gather 4 or 5. However, I have pulled dandy roots as big as a carrot, and 12 inches long. I wash, then dry (not peel) the entire root in my oven (250) until it is dry, dark brown and brittle. It actually smells like chocolate when roasting, believe it or not! I then triple-grind the dried root, and brew it into a dandy coffee. It’s similar to chikory (the tall, spindly blue flowers..I again roast the entire plant, flowers and stems and leaves and all) , and very healthy, full of vitamins and minerals!

    If you ever want to sample dandies, come to one of my free you-pick days. Our dandy season is now and later again in late summer/fall, as they seem to appear then disappear.

    You know where I live 🙂

    *BTW, your FLOWERS are beautiful! We also eat my roses, lavender, hibiscus and crabapples. I’m hoping we get chikory again this year, as we had it for the first time last year with our hot dry summer!

    Missy Alexander Wallace (from FF church!)
    Dandy Wild Farms

    • Wow Missy – I had no idea there were so many uses for dandelions! I may have to come check out one of your free you-pick days! 🙂 I’ll share these with the twins too – they will be excited to see how useful their flowers can be!

  4. The Hook Says:

    You’ve been blessed, my lovely friend.

    • Thanks! I feel very blessed and thankful 🙂 My life has not gone at all how I planned it, but God has blessed me more than I could have ever imagined. 🙂 My kids have provided more laugher, joy (and entertainment) than I thought possible! They need to stop growing up so fast though -the oldest is driving now (yikes!)

  5. Don’t blink ….. she’s gonna be driving and dating soon!

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