Dandy Dandelions

April 30, 2013

“Those are weeds!” Drew said to Emma as she came running in the house with her hands full of dandelions.

“No they’re not! They are flowers and they are for Mom!” Emma said looking a little offended.  She turned to me with a smile as she handed me the bouquet of carefully selected dandelions. “Ethan and I wanted to give you some beautiful flowers.”

Ethan piped up and said, “I like them because they are yellow and yellow is my favorite color. It’s bright and happy – like sunshine!”

“Dad said they’re weeds.” Drew said. “They are all over the grass and they are taking over the yard!”

“Well, I guess there are less dandelions now because Emma and I picked about 20 or more for Mom.” Ethan replied as he started looking through cupboards. “Do we have a vase? Mom! We need a vase for your flowers.”

I stopped putting away the groceries and helped Ethan look, “Here’s one – It’s the perfect size!” I said as I took it to the sink. “Let’s put a little water in it and then you and Emma can arrange them in the vase.”

I watched as the twins carefully arranged the dandelions in the vase. “I LOVE them!  Thank you both for thinking of me and taking the time to pick these beautiful flowers.”

“So you don’t think they are weeds?” Emma asked.



“Well, they can be weeds and people don’t like them all over their lawns, but when you pick them with love they are flowers to me!” I explained as I gave them both a hug.

Drew thought for a moment and said, “I guess one mans weed is another man, or woman’s, flower!”

We all laughed and Emma took the vase and set it on the table. “Looks like flowers to me!”