Kids vs Food

June 3, 2012

Emma, along with the rest of the family, enjoys watching the TV show Man vs Food. If you haven’t seen it you should check it out. The host of the show, Adam, travels around eating absurd amounts of food in order to get his picture on the wall for breaking eating records in various restaurants around the country. My favorite episode is the malt milkshake challenge –  You can click the link below to watch in case you missed it … this one does not end pretty.

Malt Milkshake Challenge

Anyways, Emma was talking about how much she loves that show and I said, “Well, maybe they should make a show called Women vs Food and then you could go on it. I bet you could break some eating records, especially if shrimp was involved.”  Emma is small, but mighty and has been known to beat her three older brothers in eating contests.

“I think it should be a show called Kids vs Food and kids would compete against each other to see who could eat the most and who could break the records.” Emma said

“That sounds like a great idea – maybe we should let you direct and produce it.”

“Yeah – I could. But I’d want to be in on the contests too.”

She started writing down ideas for the food she would want to have on the show and then she said, “You know I bet some of the kids on the show would get indigestion or even throw up. But you know what I’d tell them?”

“No, what?” I asked

“I’d tell them it’s not my problem!”  she answered putting her hands on her hips. “They need to suck it up and not be such a baby.”

Well, I guess that’s what they call “tough love”… she’s small, but mighty, just like I said.

2 Responses to “Kids vs Food”

  1. Start writing, Mighty Emma! You sound like writer/director/producer material!

  2. The Hook Says:

    Emma sounds – and looks – awesome!

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