R.I.P. Santa

January 4, 2012

“Mom, is Santa REAL?” ….. “Mom, is there really a Santa or are YOU Santa?” …. “Mom, how could Santa possibly make it to all the good boys and girls in one night? The world’s a big place you know!” …. “Mom, if there really IS a Santa then I will get an iPad for Christmas, right?”

It was about three weeks before Christmas and the non-stop questions and the relentless grilling from the little people in this house had started to wear on me.  November and December were crazy busy and with the stress of work and trying to keep up with church events and school Christmas programs I was feeling tired and overwhelmed.  I had so much Christmas shopping to finish and hadn’t a clue when I would do it … let alone when I would find the time to wrap all the presents.  All evening Ethan had been bombarding me with questions about Santa and I had done a pretty good job of giving vague answers or ignoring the questions. 

But the kid is good … like a mini Magnum PI … and I finally cracked.

“Mom, is Santa REAL?”

“What do you want Santa to bring you for Christmas?”

“An iPad or a 3DS ….. but is there really a Santa or are YOU Santa?”

“What do you think Rudolph and Santa are doing right now? I bet they are busy getting everything ready for the big night!”

“Mom …. I was thinking about this whole Santa thing and how could Santa possibly make it to all the good boys and girls in one night? The world’s a big place you know!”

“Yes, the world is a big place.”

“Mom, if there really IS a Santa then I will get an iPad for Christmas, right?”

That was the question that pushed me over the edge …..  I looked at Ethan and realized this kid was not giving up!

 “Do you really want to know if Santa is real?”


“Are you sure?”

He nodded his head.

I looked him straight in the eye and broke the news, “Santa is not real … It’s just Dad and I.”

Instead of heartbreak Ethan seemed elated, “Yes!  I knew it!”  he exclaimed, grinning ear to ear.

I went back to folding laundry thinking that the questions would stop, but Ethan had to get the whole story.

“Wait a minute …. So you MAKE the cookies and then you EAT the cookies?”

I laughed and said, “Well … yes, but Dad helps!”

“Well, if Santa is not real then I guess I don’t have to be good. I mean, I’m not going to get coal in my stocking if Santa is not real!”

“Are you sure you want to test that theory?”

“Hmmm …. Maybe I’ll just keep being good. It’s not that long until Christmas and I think I can stay out of trouble for a few more weeks.”

As we were getting ready for bed Ethan decided to break the news to Emma.

“Hey Emma – did you know that Santa is not real?  It’s just Mom and Dad.”

“Wait … what? What do you mean?”

“There is no Santa. You know the cookies we leave out for Santa? Mom and Dad just eat those and then they put the presents under the tree.”

Emma’s mouth dropped open. She was shocked! “I really believed it! I believed there was a Santa … and reindeer ….and that they could fly! I believed that Santa had a workshop up at the North Pole … and that he made all the toys … and that he had elves!  I believed the whole thing!”

She thought a little more and said, “So it’s just you and Dad?” 

I nodded, “Yes, just me and Dad.” 

“Well, that’s kinda boring … not nearly as exciting as reindeer and flying and a sleigh filled with toys. Maybe we can still pretend there is a Santa … I mean, we will know it’s REALLY you guys, but we can pretend and still write letters and make cookies. Do you think we can do that?”

“Sure, I think we can do that. It would be fun to keep pretending, wouldn’t it?”

They both agreed and then Ethan added, “I bet you are glad we are going to keep playing your game because otherwise you wouldn’t get to eat all those cookies on Christmas Eve!”


6 Responses to “R.I.P. Santa”

  1. Glenda Buchanan Says:

    Never a dull moment in your parsonage! How cute!
    My daughter’s grandsons Judah (7) and Jericho (5) were wondering. She knew Judah had great doubts. So she told them ‘no real Santa.’ Of course the 5 year old cried, and the 7 year old laughed!
    We dared them they better not tell Joe, their 7 year old cousin – or there might be World War III. And they didn’t tell. 🙂

  2. Sandi Ormsby Says:

    that kinda makes me SAD. It’s so fun to play along and believe. Now the mystery is gone. Thankfully, I think we have another year before my youngest will figure it out…I think we can keep duping my son for a little while longer, but his sister will start asking questions sooner.

    In fact, 2 years ago, I got
    “At the stores, why do all the Santa’s look differently?” We had seen white, black, and Hispanic Santas. Good question! I didn’t even think of that…with seconds I came up with

    “Well, Santa is busy working in his workshop to provide gifts for the entire world. He has to oversee the Elves and make sure they stay on schedule. He can’t be at every store. So, he has workers. These Santa’s dress up like him and report back to the real Santa. You tell them what you want, and they let Santa know. We don’t ever meet the REAL santa. Remember, he doesn’t deliver gifts until we are asleep”

    …to which I then realized they would tell others this and followed that up with:

    “BUT, you can’t tell anyone else this. Your friend’s parents might not have told this to their kids. They may think it’s the real Santa. So you can’t say anything.”

    They loved that because they felt they were in on a secret.

    However, next Christmas they will turn 7 & 9. Do we drop the bomb after that holiday? I think my niece, who is 9 now…still believes.


  3. Hi Sandi
    You think quick on your feet – great answer! 🙂 We had to tell our kids not to tell any other kids about us being “santa” and they did surprisingly well with keeping it a secret. Weird thing is it’s kinda like when we had the sex talk ….. Santa and Sex – both things you don’t want your kids blabbing to all the other children on the bus! LOL
    I’ve been reading your blog as much as possible, but I’ve still got some catching up to do. I love reading your posts! I hope to get back into writing more this year … these past six months have been crazy because I am going back to school to get my MBA while working and raising four kids …. what was I thinking ??? I think I may lose my mind (what’s left of it!)
    Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas & New Years! Happy 2012 !! 🙂

  4. The Hook Says:

    Spectacular Christmas post! I loved this tale of childhood innocence and humor.

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