Cookie-Filled Lava and The “Evil” Donut

May 16, 2011

While eating dinner one night we started talking about dreams.

Emma started telling us about her dream (or maybe more accurately “nightmare”) that she had the night before. 

This dream involves food (as most of Emma’s dreams do) and I’m pretty sure is the result of too much sugar before bed ….

So this is how the dream went (as told to me by Emma). 


(Images below were created by Emma with a little help from Mom)

There was this giant river of lava filled with cookies.

They were GIANT metal cookies. 

Well, the cookies weren’t metal, but there was metal on the bottom of the cookies to keep the lava from making the cookies soggy. 

I was jumping from cookie to cookie like this (she showed me how she was jumping or hopping from one cookie to the next).

One of the cookies was really far apart so I had to jump like I was doing the long jump (again she gave me a visual interpretation of the jump). 

I had to be careful not to fall in the hot lava!

I was going faster and faster because I was being chased by an evil donut! 

You know, donuts are my worst enemy! 

He was a mean donut and he was chasing me as I jumped across the lava on the cookies. 

I was so scared … he was getting closer and closer.

But then, my hero showed up!

Grandpa came and he scooped me up and saved me from the evil donut and took me back to his house.

We ate cookies together. 

I was so glad to be safe that I ate all the cookies that Grandpa had and drank all his milk too!

He didn’t care though, he was just happy I was safe and snuggled up on his lap.

3 Responses to “Cookie-Filled Lava and The “Evil” Donut”

  1. Sandi Ormsby Says:

    Yes dreams can be so strange. 🙂

    Remember the one I posted recently about pacman chasing me and Godzilla crushing the dream?

    I could create a whole separate blog dedicated to strange dreams people have!

    Lake Forest, California

  2. Chris R Says:

    SO are you suggesting that there will be a rival web-site to “Playdough in the Parsonage” called:

    “Cookie-Filled Lava and The “Evil” Donut in the Kitchen”?

    Interesting concept and perhaps she should patent/copyright the produce now: it could mean Emma’s retirement secured from now on!

    And may be should should write a small book about the dream, and secure a Copyright, guaranteeing her well being for life.

    Good to hear about children doing and learing about cooking. A vital life skill keep up the encouragement.

  3. Chris R Says:


    If the dreams are created by the cookie; are you sure it is not JUST BiCarobonate of Soda/ Bakining powerd she is using?

    Certainly it would bring a new dimension to self-raising flour!

    Good on the girl

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