How Many Pieces Did You Eat?

May 15, 2011

Friday night we decided to go and try a new pizza place.  The kids all love pizza and since I couldn’t bear the thought of eating at McDonald’s AGAIN we opted for pizza.  Instead of carry-out we decided to pile the kids in the van and go eat at the pizza place.   So after pulling them away from ICarly and X-box games we got everyone in the van and away we went!

When I was growing up my family had a tradition of going out for pizza on Friday nights.  When the tradition started the plan was that we would go out for frozen yogurt after school, come home and clean the house and then go out for pizza.  After a while we started leaving out the cleaning house part and just went for the frozen yogurt and then pizza. (my brother, sister and I thought this was even a better plan!) We had a great little pizza place called Sam’s Pizza Boat and we loved it because they had movies showing while you ate pizza. (Remember this would have been twenty-five or thirty years ago so that was a novel thing … not like today where it’s more the norm than the exception to have TV’s in restaurants.)  The other thing we liked about Sam’s Pizza Boat was that we were often the only people there so we had the whole restaurant to ourselves.  However, as you can imagine, a pizza place that was that dead on a Friday night had a short life span.  So, eventually Sam’s Pizza Boat went out of business and we had to find a new pizza place to eat. 

When Dwight and I arrived at the pizza place we of course had to locate the bathroom first (always important when you have four kids dining at your table) and then we seated ourselves at a nice booth in the corner that had a window with a view of the river nearby.  We ordered our pizza and bread sticks and then talked about the various activities we had done this week and what we had coming up this weekend. 

 The bread sticks were delicious and the pizza was even better! The kids had a contest to see who could eat the most pieces and Drew won, but was in close competition with Ethan who we believe has a hollow leg because he can usually eat pretty close to what his teenage brother eats and he is only eight!  

We all left with full tummies and smiles on our faces … I think we may have found a new Friday night tradition.

One Response to “How Many Pieces Did You Eat?”

  1. Chris R Says:

    Over in the UK we have a long, ongoing tradition of Friday and Saturday nights for Fish and Chips. Used to be a night off cooking for mum, us kids happy (except my sister who was seriously allergic to all types of fish-even Cod Liver Oil!) so she had chicken quarter. Not the Southern Fried variety you have in the USA by a real 1/4 chicken, usually leg or breast.

    It meant that we could have what we used to call in the UK (when TV was still a novelty) TV Dinners, with a tray on your lap, with said fish/Chicken and chips and demolition began.

    Our parents always managed to time this perfectly so that :
    1. They beat the rush home and adults picking up
    their fish and Chips on the way home.

    2. We got fed earlier and therefore put to bed
    earlier (double whammy, if you pardon the pun, for
    mum and dad.

    3. The other advantage was it was an excuse to
    allow us to watch a film that would normally be
    beyond out bed time.

    So, us kids, dressed in Pyjamas and dressing gowns, having just been bathed watched the film gaily (couldn’t get away with that term anymore!)eating our fish and chips out of news paper. And I mean Daily Mail,SUN type newspapers, complete with newsprint. (Never did us any harm as kids!).

    Nowadays the Environmental Health and Child Protection Squads would be surrounding the house with Firarm cover, just ready to arrest our parents- for letting is eat something that was deemed to be news print !!! Something out of Starsky and Hutch !)

    Odd though, we never got obese, always enjoyed ourselves, and it actually got us to bed on “week-end” time. To explain, because I was (and still am) epileptic I had to have a regular sleep pattern as if I got too tired I could have a fit. So at the ages of 6-11 I was always in bed by 20:30 Sunday to Thursday, and the special “treat” of Fish & Chips AND being allowed to stay up as late as 21:00 ! WOW
    (well for me at least because my sister was 5 years older in any case and there was always a certain amount of friction about the fact that she could do some things (like staying up late-to me anyway) that I couldn’t.

    Oh for the days of good old greasy Fish & Chips, a battered Sausage, and no one screaming down your ear hole about Cholestral, High Blood Pressure, Obesity etc.

    In my case having nearly killed myself three times through epileptic seisures, I was more likely to die from an epileptic fit than blood poisioning or obesity!

    Oh to be back in the 1960’s and 70’s when people were not so paranoid (thanks to the media).

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