One Amazing Kid

March 10, 2011

As many of you know I have a son, Caleb, who has Autism and is non-verbal.  Caleb is 9 (almost 10) and has made wonderful progress over the past year.  He has been transitioned from the special ed class to a general ed 3rd grade classroom where he is mainstreamed with other students his age and has an aide to assist him when needed.   Caleb has learned so much this year through the help of a wonderful team of teachers, therapists and aides.  He is still considered non-verbal, but Dwight and I have noticed how much his speech has improved this past year. He seems so close to verbal speech and we want to continue to provide ways for Caleb to find his voice and find ways to communicate.

I have started a new blog called “Caleb’s Voice” that will focus on the struggles, frustrations, joys and celebrations of raising a child with Autism.  I hope that this blog will be a great way to look back and easily see the progress Caleb is making and the wonderful ways God is working in Caleb’s life.  We would love for you to join us in praying for Caleb as he is learning to communicate and engage more with the world around him.

You can check out this new blog at


3 Responses to “One Amazing Kid”

  1. Sandi Ormsby Says:

    that’s beautiful. There are other parents out there struggling with this,as well…and your blog posts might be very useful, supportive, to them. (Providing them A way to reach out to others experiencing the same with their child.)

    It will be a great way to record how he’s coming along. In addition, it will be therapeutic for you, on those days when you feel frustrated, and overwhelmed at the responsibility of raising a child with special needs. Writing about it, can do wonders as others will comment and express they might be feeling the same thing.

    We will keep Caleb in our prayers. God isn’t done molding him yet…

  2. That is wonderful..I am sure that other families will reap great benefits from what you have said.
    I shall be following Caleb’s progress and I really look forward to hearing more from the Parsonage

    Be Happy and keep smiling Bless you

  3. Mo Says:

    What a great idea. I will definitely be following along.

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