Empty Oreos

January 31, 2011

It never fails …. I go shopping, come home and find more things that I need to buy. Not because I forgot to put them on the list, but because my kids have a habit of putting empty boxes back into the cupboards and the fridge.  I usually make up my shopping list quickly on my way out the door to Walmart.  I just take a quick inventory and see what things we are out of and add them to the list. However, the empty boxes look very similar to the full boxes so unless I pick up each box or container up and shake to determine fullness of the box I will not know to buy more.  I have tried to explain this time and time again to the kids, but their selective hearing must prevent them from picking up on what I think is a pretty simple concept … when you take the last cookie, cracker, fruit snack, etc. and the box is empty THROW IT AWAY! 

A couple weeks ago I returned home from the store and was putting the groceries away when Ethan asked, “Did you buy more Oreos?”   “No” I replied, “There is an almost full package in the cupboard” (this time when I was making up my shopping list I had gotten wise and picked up the package and could tell the Oreo box was not empty).  Ethan looked up at me with his sad little face and said, “Yeah, but those Oreos are all empty.”  “What do you mean, they are ’empty’?” I asked.  “You know … they don’t have any of the white stuff in the middle.”  he explained.  That’s odd, how could they not have any filling?  I went to the cupboard and opened the Oreo package to find that Ethan was right … empty Oreos. Hmmm …. who was the one that ate the filling out of all the Oreos ?  Could it have been Emma or Drew?  Or maybe it was Ethan and that’s how he knew they were empty. 

As I was pondering this mystery I walked into the living room where Drew and Emma were playing the Wii. Ethan was behind me and so I asked the three of them “Who ate the filling out of all the Oreos?”  Of course, I got the standard answer of “Not me!” from all three of them.  I knew it wasn’t Caleb because he doesn’t like Oreos and I was pretty sure Dwight wasn’t the culprit so that just left these three as suspects in The Case of the Empty Oreos.  I was frustrated that no one would confess to the crime and I was tired from shopping. I tried to remain calm, but unfortunately it didn’t work. “Fine! I said, until one of you admits you ate all the filling out of the cookies, I am not buying anymore Oreos! In fact, maybe I won’t buy any cookies of any kind at all !”  I took the package of empty Oreos and threw it on the coffee table. “You’d better enjoy those empty Oreos because they may be the last cookies you see for a while!”  As I stormed out of the room I heard Emma whisper to Ethan and Drew, “I think the lesson we have learned here today is that you don’t want to make Mommy mad”

3 Responses to “Empty Oreos”

  1. mindy Says:

    ha ha! Oh my goodness! I so know what you mean there! Abby has said something similar to that and it cracks me up in their honesty! LOL!


    • Yeah – I’m sure my kids think I spend a lot of my day mad, but sometimes it’s all a little overwhelming. Like today … being snowed in with all the kids and at 10:30 they were already telling me they were bored ! It’s funny the comments they come up with 🙂

  2. anncan2 Says:

    I totally get it! Isn’t it funny how when we think we have made our point and taught our kids a lesson, it completely gets turned around on us. I think you can make a whole sermon out of this “lesson”!

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