January 30, 2011

The padding was gone and there were stains covering the fabric. The recliners were broken and there was a large tear in the arm. A tear so large that the wood frame was slightly showing. Our sectional couch had surely seen better days.  Like the day we purchased the couch 14 years ago and had it delivered to our home.  It had looked a lot smaller in the showroom, but in our living room it was much larger and took up more space than we had planned.   Dwight and I were so excited because it was our first piece of furniture that we had purchased since we had gotten married 4 years earlier.  All the rest of our furniture had been hand-me-downs or had been given to us.  We didn’t have any children at the time, but we were trying to get pregnant and hoped to have several children over the next few years. 

Over the past 14 years this couch has shared many happy memories with our family.  Memories of Thursday night Seinfeld, Friends, & ER parties with my parents and my brother and his wife.  Memories of sleeping on the recliners with our newborn babies lying on our chest so that we could get some much-needed rest. Memories of our children laughing and singing along with Blue’s Clues, Dora, and Barney.  Memories of pizza and popcorn on New Year’s Eve each year.

Today we said goodbye to our beloved sectional couch.  A couch that was worn and tattered but was a wonderful couch to come home to and relax after a long day.  As our couch was being moved out of our home the kids hugged the cushions and said goodbye.  They talked about their memories of fun times they had on this couch and looked forward to the happy memories we would have on our new couch.   So here is to another 14 years of memories … memories that will be sure to involve meeting girlfriends and boyfriends, wedding plans, and possibly grandchildren.

2 Responses to “Goodbye”

  1. Sandi Oliver Says:

    Lori, I love your way of thinking. I also get attached to furniture, cars and just stuff. But….it is always fun to get something different.

    Keep writing!!!!!!

    Love Sandi

    • Thanks Sandi 🙂 The new couch we got was actually April & Todd’s couch that they didn’t want anymore. It’s very comfy and Ethan loves to lay on it and says that it smells just like Aaron’s house. I think they would spend every day with their cousins if they could 🙂 thanks for reading my blog and all the encouraging words – it really helps me to stay motivated to keep writing !

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