Pretend Holidays

January 29, 2011

The kids are always excited about upcoming holidays, especially ones that involve candy, cake, and/or getting out of school.  Emma was looking at a calendar for February and said, “Wow! February has so many holidays!”  I could only think Valentines Day and Presidents Day so I asked, “Really?  What are the holidays in February?”   She started counting them up on her fingers, “Well, there is Dr. Seuss Day, Groundhog Day, Valentines Day, and Presidents Day.”  Emma was surprised that I had forgotten Dr. Seuss Day and Groundhog Day … c’mon Mom, get with the program! is what I’m sure she was thinking.  I asked Emma, “Do you know how many  of those holidays Mommy gets off work?”  “No, how many?” she asked. “Absolutely none!” I answered. “Well, that’s not fair.  It’s like those are just pretend holidays.”  Yeah, Emma it’s rough out there in the real world!


2 Responses to “Pretend Holidays”

  1. Editors Note: I guess Dr. Seuss Day is actually in March (March 2nd) so it is not a February Holiday. Either way, I still don’t get that day off work – LOL. However, when researching to find out the correct date for Dr. Seuss Day I did find another “pretend holiday” in February … I bet you didn’t know that February 11th is “Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day” 🙂

  2. mindy Says:

    Your kids crack me up and I always love it!:)

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