Try Something New

January 28, 2011

I have never been big on trying new things, especially when
it comes to food … I always order the same thing when I go to
restaurants. I often THINK about trying something new, but I
usually chicken out because, “What if I don’t like it?” So I guess
I can’t complain when my kids use this excuse …. they come by it

So tonight we took the kids to Fazoli’s and instead of my
usual baked spaghetti, I branched out and tried the baked ravioli.
It wasn’t as good as the baked spaghetti, but it wasn’t terrible
either. And, of course, with the bread sticks you never leave
Fazoli’s hungry! I know what you’re thinking …. baked ravioli is
not a whole lot different than baked spaghetti, but just remember…
“baby steps”.

The other new thing I’m trying is that I am posting
this from the WordPress App on my iPhone instead of from my laptop.
Again, something I’ve thought of doing before, but just never
actually done. Wow … two new things in one day! Maybe change and
trying new things aren’t so bad after all!


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