The Tale of the Picky Princess

January 22, 2011

To make things run smoother in the mornings I try to lay the kids clothes out the night before. Ethan, Caleb and Drew wear pretty much whatever I lay out for them, but with Emma it’s always a little more challenging. She will complain the shirt I picked out is too itchy or she doesn’ t “feel” like wearing green. Sometimes she just wants to switch the top or sometimes just the pants but then there are times she rejects the entire outfit. One night I was laying out their clothes and I said to Ethan, “Here is a sweatshirt and some jeans for tomorrow. Is that OK?”  He answered, “Yep” and then I added, “Of course it is because you aren’t picky”  Emma, who had been quietly drawing a picture, stopped, looked up, and said to me with a cold tone in her voice, “Are you saying I’m picky?”   Well, Princess Emma you are a little picky, but with three brothers I think you have earned the right to be picky.


One Response to “The Tale of the Picky Princess”

  1. Mo Says:

    Ha ha! My 7yo son is the picky one in our family. He has been known to wear a vest and tie to school.

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