Sibling Rivalry

January 17, 2011

Where there are siblings there will be sibling rivalry.  With twins there will be sibling rivalry with an added dash of twin rivalry.  Emma and Ethan are constantly fighting over who is better at games like the Mario Kart and Monopoly, but then they also compete on silly things like who’s got the biggest bed (they are actually exactly the same size) and who has the most letters in their name (which Ethan always wins). 

Then there is school – the competition of who is better at Math, Spelling, Reading, etc.  Since they are in the same grade (and were in the same class when they were younger) they are always comparing and competing on who gets the most right on a math quiz or who was at the highest level in reading. In the reading program at school there are levels that are each assigned a letter of the alphabet. The students would start at Level A and work their way up through the alphabet as their reading skills increased.  Emma and Ethan would always ask each other, “What reading level are you on now?” and then compare to see who was at the higher level. Up until this year Ethan was usually a few levels above Emma, but now they are on the same level and seem to be progressing through at the same pace so the competition has died down.

However, there is a new competition that seems to be brewing and that is in the subject of spelling.  They have weekly spelling tests and although their spelling lists are not the same they still want to know who did better and who got more right. They even compete on the spelling pre-test at school that they have to take on Mondays and the spelling practice tests that I give them at home on Thursday nights.  I have tried to explain that neither of these tests “count” but that doesn’t seem to matter to them in the least.   It is still a competition and they still both want to be the best!   Ethan seems to be struggling more than Emma and I’m hoping that he didn’t inherit my spelling skills (or lack thereof).  I am one that relies on spell check daily and wishes that there was such a thing as pen that had a spell check built-in. That way I wouldn’t have to constantly be second guessing myself on whether or not I spelled a word right or change what I am writing because I can’t figure out how to spell a word.  

Ethan’s spelling list is harder than Emma’s so I’m hoping that is why he is struggling and that he will turn out to be an awesome speller like his older brother Drew.  I keep trying to convince Ethan that a challenge is a good thing but I’m not sure he is buying it. The other day I was telling Emma that she should ask the teacher for harder books to read because the ones she had she was calling “baby books”. Ethan disagreed with my advice and said, “No, don’t do that Emma! Just keep reading the easy books because then you can just relax n’stuff. It’s much better than trying to read the hard ones.”


4 Responses to “Sibling Rivalry”

  1. Mo Says:

    They sure are adorable!

  2. Mo Says:

    Happy birthday! Hope they had a good one. 🙂

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