Santa has Elves, Mommy has Amazon

January 13, 2011

Emma and Ethan were constantly obsessing over Santa’s list. “Mommy, am I on the naughty or the nice list?”  they would ask me on a daily (and sometimes hourly) basis.  They wanted to make sure that they were being “good enough” to make the cut.  I have to admit that it often worked to my advantage … you know, using the threat of the naughty list when they wouldn’t  go to bed, clean their room or take out the trash. “I have Santa’s cell phone number and email address – don’t think I won’t tell him about this!”  Drew would play along even though he knew Santa’s real identity.  Whenever he would talk about Santa he would use air quotes and say things like, “Yeah ‘Santa’ may not bring you that game for the Wii if you aren’t nice to Mom. He’s watching you … always watching you.”  A few days before Christmas I asked Emma and Ethan what they thought Mommies had to do to get on Santa’s nice list. Ethan said, “Feed your kids and be nice to them.”  Emma thought a little longer and added, “Well, you might want to clean up this house a bit too.”

Raising four kids, working full-time and being a pastor’s wife doesn’t leave much time for house cleaning and it leaves even less time for Christmas shopping.  I am not a big fan of fighting the crowds and the traffic either so when I discovered I was in heaven.  Being able to shop from the comfort of my own home, in my P.J’s, anytime of day or night was like a dream come true.  I was able to have the kids make their wish lists on the Amazon website and then easily buy the things they wanted. I also had the option to pass the list along to Grandparents when I ran out of money and/ or when they needed gift ideas for the kids.

When I would see the UPS driver coming down the drive it was like seeing Santa coming in on a giant brown sleigh.  I didn’t have to drive through crowded parking lots or walk through snow and rain. It was so much easier and quicker that I ordered 95% of Christmas online.  When it came time to wrap presents I discovered yet another benefit of shopping online … boxes.  Yes, I had boxes, boxes and more boxes from Amazon and they were perfect to use for wrapping awkward gifts like Pillow Pets and to use to wrap Wii games and DVD’s so that it wasn’t too obvious what they were by the shape of the package.

On Christmas morning the kids were excited to see all the beautifully wrapped presents under the tree and even more excited to open them and discover the gifts they had asked for inside.  As they were opening gifts Drew asked, “Wait, when did Santa start shopping at Amazon?” and winked at me.   Luckily Emma and Ethan didn’t hear the question or seem to notice all the Amazon boxes lying around the room.  However, if Santa’s elves ever went on strike I’m sure Santa would be shopping at Amazon too!


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